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Dirt Cowboy Espresso Blend

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A carefully selected blend of Asian, African and Central & South American beans, this blend makes a wonderfully potent and sparkling espresso in the Northern Italian style. Also makes an exceptionally robust and flavorful brewed coffee.


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OK, here goes. A little bit about espresso: Espresso coffee is NOT a particular style of roast, nor is it necessarily any particular bean. Espresso coffee is simply a very finely ground coffee brewed via an espresso machine. And a GREAT espresso is a coffee that delivers the fundamental essence of all the things we love about coffee through the unique pressurized brewing system of an espresso machine. When Dirt Cowboy developed its Espresso Blend we brewed all our coffees through our espresso machines. Though all great coffees, some just performed abysmally as espresso -- but to further the point about how espresso releases a coffee's basic character, even the coffees that did not "work" as an espresso really exposed their fundamental character through the espresso machine. Maybe you had to be there. Anyway, after weeks of taste-testing single origin coffees and various blends we finally decided on this blend of 5 different coffees. Aromatic, robust with an exceptionally full flavor profile it will please the most discriminating palettes. And a little more about espresso: if you were to look at the coffee beans in the espresso hoppers of most European cafes you would not see the dark oily beans found in most American coffee houses. We believe that this difference came about because many American coffee shop owners saw that the beverage itself is very dark and assumed that this was the result of a darkly roasted bean. Not so!!! The darkness of the beverage is a result of its concentration, not of being roasted just this side of charcoal. It's not black, it's an exceptionally rich and dense BROWN! This is an unfortunate error that has made it nearly impossible to fully appreciate the joy of a good shot of espresso. Espresso is not supposed to be smokey and bitter! Drinking espresso is supposed to be a delight, not some sado-masochistic ritual! Espresso is supposed to deliver the true essence of coffee in a hot liquid shot. So, for those of you who like espresso, but only in milk-based drinks, please do give straight espresso another chance with our blend. At the very least, you will understand why some of us adore our tiny cups. And if you are looking for a full-flavored, highly robust and deeply aromatic brewed coffee, try Dirt Cowboy Espresso Blend to make regular drip coffee.

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